On Tuesday, June 22nd at 8:00 p.m. in Olympia’s Red lion Hotel Fir Ballroom, pianist and WA State Composer of the Year, Keva Vaughan-McMorrow performed her newly commissioned chamber work in its world premiere for the Washington State Music Teachers. She was selected as the 2010 Composer of the Year by the state music teacher’s association and will be honored in the culminating work of the evening’s concert with her chamber work, Evening River Echoes. Scored for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, contrabass, harp, piano and percussion the work will be performed with her colleagues from the Edmonds Cascade Symphony Orchestra. The crowd at the State Music Teacher’s Conference erupted in a spontaneous ovation over the exotic and tuneful music of Evening River Echoes.

The work was inspired by the composer’s childhood memories of nights spent at the family’s cabin located in a Redwood forest overlooking the Russian River in CA. The sounds represent the cacophony of human activities rising from the river basin below. It begins with the relative calm of a summer’s evening, crickets and tree frogs chirping. As the evening progresses strains of gypsy music arise from a riverside encampment, folk music is heard on the beaches, chamber music echoes from the Bohemian Club across the river. The sounds of people swimming, singing, partying, laughing, arguing, and activities of wild animals all blend into the child’s consciousness as she drifts asleep under the redwood trees and stars. As the night wears on the sounds of humanity diminish and the forest canyon is once again enveloped in a tranquil evening mist.

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